About Us

SoCal Reptiles is owned and operated by Reid Sneddon. SoCal Reptiles is located in the greater Los Angeles area and attends many of the Southern California reptile shows. We can also ship directly to your door. We are a small hobby business focusing on providing customers with high quality captive bred tortoises, jungle carpet pythons, and ball pythons.

Our Facility

Here at SoCal Reptiles, we provide ourselves on having top-notch facilities to provide our animals with the best care possible, so you receive a stress-free, healthy animal. In the 400 square foot indoor facility, we use Animal Plastics racks and cages which are controlled by Spyder Robotics thermostats. Ultraviolet lighting is provided using Zoo Med lighting products such as Reptisuns and Powersuns. The facility has intake and exhaust fans, ceiling fans, and swamp coolers to keep fresh air circulating at optimal temperatures. A 24 hour infrared security surveillance system keeps an eye on the inside and outside of the facility. Solar panels situated on the roof help reduce the electric bill and minimize our environmental impact. Email me if you would like some info on going solar for $0 down.

Surrounding the indoor facility, is the outdoor portion. Various pens house our 15 species of tortoises and our Tegus. The outdoor animals have access to heated houses and some of our temperate species need no supplemental heating at all and do fine outdoors all year round. Natural graze such as Bermuda grass, dandelions, and spineless cacti grow in the pens to give a naturalistic look to the pens and so the animals can forage as they please.

Please don’t hesitate to email with any questions you may have regarding our facility.