Terms of Sale

* All animals come with a live arrival guarantee

* Since it is unlawful to sell turtles under 4″ as “pets” in CA, all tortoises and turtles under 4″ straight line measurement are for scientific or educational purposes only. We all know how that goes 😉

* All animals are guaranteed to be healthy, correctly sexed, and eating before shipping

* All animals have a one week health guarantee

* Someone must be home for first delivery attempt by UPS/ FedEx or all guarantees are void. Be aware that many drivers will just leave the box without ringing the door bell

* If there is a problem with the animal that you have received from me via UPS/ FedEx, please contact me within 4 hours. If the animal was shipped via Delta, a claim must be filed with the airlines before leaving the airport

* Animals are not shipped if the temperatures are expected to be above 90 degrees or below 40 degrees anywhere in the animal’s route. NO EXCEPTIONS

* Shipping charges are non-refundable unless there is a delivery delay and the carrier grants me a refund.

* I reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone I feel does not have the animals’ best interests at heart 



*Payment in full is necessary before the reptiles are to be shipped

*I accept Paypal, Square, money orders, cashier’s checks, and personal checks

        *Paypal, Square, and postal money orders ship ASAP

        *Other money order, cashier’s check, and personal check orders ship when my 

        bank clears the funds (approximately 3-11 business days)

*Payment plans are accepted with a 25% non-refundable deposit. Plans are available for a month for anything under $1,000, 2 months for $1,000-$5,999 and 3 months for anything over $6,000. If you back out of a payment plan for any reason we do not offer refunds but you can put the money towards something else we have available.

*All sales are final. Any situation that appropriately meets the set criteria as established in the guarantee policies will be carefully reviewed and considered for credit or replacement. Cash refunds are not available



*I use UPS, FedEx, and Delta Airlines for my live animal shipping

*Delta is used for large or high value shipments

*When receiving an animal through UPS or FedEx:

  • The customer must be present to receive the animal in person
  • I will not be held responsible for animals left on someone’s doorstep
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that they provide an accurate shipping address
  • Animals will only be shipped Monday through Wednesday
  • Delivery should occur prior to 10:30 am, but some areas are only guaranteed for noon delivery

*When receiving an animal through Delta Airlines:

  • Animals shipped via Delta Airlines must be picked up at the airport
  • The customer should try to arrive at the airport no later than 15 minutes after the flight arrives
  • Packages are to be opened immediately at the cargo desk or counter and the animals should be inspected before you sign the air bill
  • If there are any obvious problems with the animal, a claim should be filed with the airlines before leaving the airport

*Animals are not shipped from November-December because of the large volume of packages due to the holidays

*Animals are not shipped if the temperatures are expected to be above 90 degrees or below 40 degrees anywhere in the animal’s route

*I bring the package directly to the UPS/ FedEx distribution facility approximately 15-30 minutes before the Next Day Air cutoff time. This prevents the animal from riding around in a truck all day and significantly cuts down on the transit time

*Heat or cold packs are used when necessary at no additional charge. There are also no box or handling charges

*All boxes and shipping materials are new- PLEASE RECYCLE